About Us

Gould Equipment Company was started by Ralph Gould in 1928 as an oil equipment distributor.  Gould expanded into the custom building of oil and propane trucks and became a dealer for Heil transport trailers.  In 1998, Gould was purchased by Brake Service & Parts, which had common ownership with Webber Oil Company.  Gould continued its operations in South Portland and also opened a full-service propane and petroleum truck assembly and service facility and separate parts warehouse in Bangor.  In 2008, Gould consolidated the truck assembly, Certified “R” Stamp work, maintenance, and equipment warehousing on Hildreth Street North in Bangor.  Gould Equipment Company vacated the South Portland facility that year.

Gould Equipment Company was acquired by Gould Technologies, LLC on June 29, 2012.  Under the new ownership, Gould Equipment Company continues providing the same outstanding services and products from its facility at Hildreth Street North in Bangor.  Gould Equipment Company is affiliated with Acadia Environmental Technology, which has provided engineering and environmental services to the petroleum and propane industries for more than 20 years.


Management Team


Tom Schwarm-President
Tom is President of Gould and Acadia Environmental Technology.  For 20 years, Acadia has provided engineering and environmental consulting services to Maine’s oil and propane industry from its office in Portland.  An expert in the remediation of soil and groundwater, Tom has extensive experience designing remedial systems that recover oil and gasoline using pumps, vacuum-blowers, controls, and storage tanks.  In the 7 years since joining Gould, Tom has applied these skills to petroleum and propane truck design. With his manufacturing background, Tom has improved the process for truck assembly and quality control in the shop. Tom designs and manages the installation of Toptech Systems terminal automation at petroleum and propane bulk plants and terminals. He also assists customers in specifying pumps, valves, tanks, and other bulk plant and terminal equipment. Tom is an active member of the sales team.


David Moore-General Manager
Dave has more than 40 years of experience with petroleum and propane trucks and trailers.  He is an expert in truck and trailer design, assembly, and maintenance.  Dave designs Gould’s trucks and specifies Heil trailers for each customer’s specific uses.  Because of his extensive experience with electronic registers and data capture computers, Gould has led the industry in computer applications for petroleum and propane data automation. With his extensive shop and customer service experience, David provides sales and technical services tailored for each of Gould’s customers.

Dee Shina-Shop Foreman
Dee has extensive experience with Gould and other companies in petroleum and propane trucks and shop operations.  He started on the shop floor and advanced to shop foreman.  Dee coordinates shop work with customers and supervises the mechanics.